30 Nov: Dreamforce 2017: 5 Key Takeaways and Lessons From the Trail

Dreamforce 2017 was all about blazing trails. With a theme that focuses on innovative change, many industry leaders shared their trailblazing advice at Salesforce’s big annual conference. Our own favorites ranged from Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff’s keynote covering IoT, AI, and the customer experience to sessions tackling data security and account based selling.

If you didn’t have the chance to attend this year, don’t worry. While we weren’t able to attend all 3,200 sessions, we still learned many valuable lessons from this year’s speakers, panels, and events. Check out our favorite takeaways from the trail down below.

1. Prepare for…


28 Nov: 7 Ways CRM Technology Can Help Your Firm Create Happy Clients

The cost to acquire a new client is five times more expensive than retaining an existing one. For your professional services firm to guarantee its success, you need to have happy clients that will stick around and stay loyal to your firm as it could mean the difference between an up or a down year for your firm.

Fortunately for your business development or sales team, customer relationship management systems (CRMs) help them stay on top of their client relationships. Through analytics, integrations, and other tools, your firm’s CRM and system add-ons can help create more satisfied and happy clients.


07 Nov: The Value of Relationship Intelligence Automation With Brent Leary

In today’s marketplace, business development teams need to be on top of their relationships now more than ever. With over 84% of buyers beginning their buying process through a referral, client relationships are now the driver of new business. The pressure is on for business development and sales teams to develop and maintain strong client relationships.

As relationship intelligence automation expert Brent Leary shares, this traditionally takes salespeople an enormous amount of time. So how can firms help their business development and sales teams create strong relationships without sacrificing so much valuable time?

According to our trusted expert, Brent, the…


21 Sep: The Biggest Disruptors Are Those That Are Customer Centric

Each day in sales and marketing news, it seems like there’s a new article on technology and disruption. It’s the claim of these articles that technological innovation has disrupted yet another entrenched, dominant corporation’s majority share of the marketplace. The most common technology disruptors included in the lists are Netflix, Uber, Amazon, and others like them.

But is technology really the cause for the downfall of major companies? We don’t think so.

While technology is certainly a huge component, the true disruption to businesses is not investing enough time or resources in improving the customer experience. Not being customer centric…


05 Jun: FICO Survey Reveals Fintech, Customer Loyalty, and Cross-Selling Surprises

FICO recently conducted an online survey of 1,012 consumers age 18 to 50-plus about their relationships with financial services organization.

“When we put this survey together, we had a specific story we had hypothesized that we would be able to tell about fintech, disruption and the arrival of Silicon Valley,” said Alex Johnson, Senior Marketing Manager, FICO, in a recent American Banker webinar.

But what Alex discovered is that the facts interfered with the story. The threat from non-traditional financial institutions isn’t nearly as grave as many in the financial services industry think it is. Only 2% of the survey…


05 May: 3 Creative Ways Business Leaders Use CRM Data to Accelerate Sales

Too often, business development professionals view CRMs as a performance-monitoring tool. They don’t realize that, when consistently updated with data from internal and external sources, CRMs can deliver precisely the information they need to win more sales and exceed their quotas.

These real-world examples demonstrate how CRM data achieves this by:

Optimizing Workflow

Gene Marks, CPA, and columnist for publications such as Forbes and The Washington Post, says CRM data is critical to helping his team stay on top of opportunities.

“We have a workflow that is automatically created when a quote is done from our CRM system, and where…


03 May: Experts Reveal What You Need to Know Before You Dump Your CRM

It’s challenging when you’ve invested thousands, even millions of dollars, and countless hours implementing a CRM system, but it’s not producing a return on that investment of time and money. Years later, your business development professionals aren’t embracing it like they should be.

At that point, the value proposition of newer, slicker system can be very alluring. But before you succumb to the high price of temptation, you might want to clarify, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the source of your CRM problem: Is it the CRM or your relationship with it?

Consider a survey we just conducted of…


17 Apr: 3 Important Questions to Ask to Make Sure Your CRM is Earning Its Keep

In today’s competitive marketplace, having a database of customer names, contact information, and purchase history isn’t enough. Sure, you may be able to sleep easier knowing your CRM collects the information you need to support and monitor client relationships, but is this enough to ensure your CRM is earning its keep? Are you certain, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that your client-facing professionals are using your CRM to advance client relationships?

Ask yourself:

1. Could there be gaps and errors in my CRM data?  That’s likely if your client-facing professionals are required to manually update the CRM with information…


20 Dec: How “Automated” Is Your CRM? Find Out In Two Minutes [Quiz]


Did you know that sales productivity has actually decreased in the last five years? We now have cars that avoid accidents and virtual assistants that respond to our every voice command. Yet, somehow, the majority of sellers and BD pros admit that the latest sales tools are more of an obstacle than a facilitator of sales performance. It doesn’t add up.

If you’re looking for a culprit, customer relationship management (CRM) is a good place to start. Especially when you consider that the typical sales professional spends 5.5 hours per week logging data, costing companies an average of $13,200…


13 Dec: Build Your Legal Practice with These 27 Marketing Ideas Straight from the Experts

There’s no shortage of earning potential in the legal sector. Whether you work for a massive firm or a one-person practice, your earning potential is nearly infinite, limited only by the new business you can bring in or your bandwidth to handle the work.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a lawyer, a marketer or a business development pro, if you can consistently convince people to seek legal services from you or your firm, then there’s a high-paying position waiting for you at the firm of your choosing.

Give your professional reputation and your bank account a healthy deposit this…