The Professional Services Sector runs on relationships.

The “Big Four” rely on Introhive for better relationship data. You can too.
Is CRM adoption a sore subject around your office? If so, you’re not alone. Not even close. Nearly every professional services firm has struggled at some point with timely, accurate data input. That’s too bad because when the right data starts flowing into the CRM, valuable relationship insights can finally start flowing out.

Introhive makes relationship intelligence automation a reality at professional services firms.

We take the pain out of CRM usage because we take pretty much all the pesky work out of CRM usage. When your CRM starts gushing actionable relationship intelligence automatically, it evolves beyond a professional services “management tool.” Which is good because then management can finally stop begging and pleading people to use the CRM (and they can finally start seeing an ROI from the thing).

Introhive’s professional services clients enjoy:

• Insight into recent client interactions via Bloomberg chat.

• Pre-meeting intelligence emails that provide up-to-the-minute insights regarding the client, along with contextual relationship data for all attendees and other relevant contacts.

• Relationship intelligence for setting up the best delivery team, including delivery team dashboards to ensure contracted deliverables become a reality.

• Contextual board member intelligence and relationship data that can help your firm establish and build pivotal relationships.

• An automated process that makes research analysts more efficient and effective.

See how easy it is to make your organization data driven by default.
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