The Financial Sector runs on relationships.

Is your firm “relationship intelligent”? 

Does your financial services firm struggle with CRM usage and adoption? That’s pretty much a rhetorical question – nearly every financial services firm struggles with timely, accurate data input. That’s a shame because when the right data goes in, a whole lot of valuable relationship intelligence can finally start flowing out. Automatically.

That’s what Introhive does. We make CRM adoption a no brainer because sellers, biz dev folks and executive assistants don’t need to do squat to start seeing incredible value from the CRM (to be fair, it’s removes roughly 24/25ths of the “squat,” but you get the picture). When your CRM starts gushing actionable relationship intelligence automatically, it becomes more than just a “management tool.” And speaking of management, they can finally stop begging and pleading people to use the CRM, and can finally start seeing an ROI from their enormous investment.

Introhive’s financial services clients enjoy:

• Pre-meeting intelligence emails that provide up-to-the-minute insights regarding the client and contextual relationship data for all attendees.

• Client filings news and enhanced stock quotes delivered when needed.

• Contextual board member intelligence and relationship data that can help your firm establish and build pivotal relationships.

• An automated process that makes research analysts more efficient and effective.

• Insight into recent client interactions via Bloomberg chat.

See how simple it can be to “turn on” the relationship intelligence that fuels the world’s best financial services firms.